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You cannot be really rich if you work in this entertainment industry. The only reason you want to work in this industry is not only for the money, is more about your interest. As a recent graduate in this country, I am always lost.
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And then, he starts to deal with some law-related issues in the film company, such as contract, deals. Eventually, he became the head of development in this international film company. He said he could be easy to earn money in the law firm, but he.
Be sure what is your real interests and do the work based on your interest, not only for the money. This is what I learned from the spearker meeting in the company. The speaker is responsible for the sales, development and legal issues of the.
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He graduated as a law student and entered in a top ten law firm after graduation. However, he thought the daily work in the law firm is really boring and repeated and he likes films, so he transfers to an assistant in a small film.
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 You want to work, you want to make money, but you forget your interest. You want to work for your interest, but it is really tough. Maybe the people like us in this kind of age are anxious for success.